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Name:     Layla Amane
DOB:     10/26/88
Birthplace:     n/a
Sign:     Scorpio
Blood Type:     A
Height:     168 cm  5 ft 6 in
Measurements:     83-60-86 (cm) 33-24-34 (in)
Cup Size:     n/a

Layla Amane , 25 years old pornstar, born at 25th October 1988 in Scorpio zodiac sign. This asian girl comes from Japan. Layla is 168 centimeters (5 ft 6 in) height. She has brown eyes. Her measurements are 83-60-86 centimeters (32-23-33 inches). JJGirls Japanese AV Idol Layla Amane (雨音レイラ) Photos Gallery .

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Layla Amane photos gallery:

layla-amane--00490557 layla-amane--00490558 layla-amane--00490566 layla-amane--00496500 layla-amane--00496535 layla-amane--00496554 layla-amane--00496585 layla-amane--00496590 layla-amane--00496599 layla-amane--00496601 layla-amane--00496602 layla-amane--00496606 layla-amane--00496619 layla-amane--00496628 layla-amane--00496639 layla-amane--00496642 layla-amane--01102453 layla-amane--01102460 layla-amane--01102462 layla-amane--01102473 layla-amane--01102477 layla-amane--01102479 layla-amane--01102483 layla-amane--01102487 layla-amane--01102489 layla-amane--01102491 layla-amane--01102499 layla-amane--01102502 layla-amane--01102549 layla-amane--01137681 layla-amane--01137682

layla-amane--00496519 layla-amane--00496523 layla-amane--00496556 layla-amane--00496582 layla-amane--00496586 layla-amane--00496587 layla-amane--00496593 layla-amane--00496596 layla-amane--00496612 layla-amane--00496626 layla-amane--00496635 layla-amane--00496636 layla-amane--00496638 layla-amane--01102455 layla-amane--01102456 layla-amane--01102457 layla-amane--01102459 layla-amane--01102461 layla-amane--01102469 layla-amane--01102472 layla-amane--01102478 layla-amane--01102481 layla-amane--01102482 layla-amane--01102488 layla-amane--01102490 layla-amane--01102496 layla-amane--01102497 layla-amane--01102500


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Today so hot…! Let see the photos together


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